Emergency Sunday Vet Visit... Dizzy Kitty

That's my kitty "Indiana Jones" above, a big orange fluff ball of a feline. This morning, just as I pulled on my riding boots to head out to the barn, Indiana staggered drunkenly across the living-room, tumbled down the stairs, and collapsed in my front yard yowling in pain and fear! My first thought was that he was poisoned somehow. I rushed him to the vet, (mind you it is Sunday and the vet is a half hour away) The vets diagnosis was feline idiopathic vestibular syndrome. A very long name for a brief but frightening ailment for which no one knows the cause. Feline idiopathic vestibular syndrome strangley seems more common in the Northeast and during late summer. Here is a brief description of the ailment from in case your kitty should ever get "off kilter" in late summer:

"We term this feline vestibular syndrome, or idiopathic vestibular disease. Now that’s a big mouthful of words. What we are really saying is that the vestibular system, which is a part of "control central" for the cat’s balance gets out of kilter, and for no obvious reason... Nobody has been able to confirm a single common cause for these cases... We see cases here, there and everywhere, though some studies find a slight increased incidence of this disorder in late summer and early fall. Some veterinarians also see a tentative association with recent outbreaks of respiratory infections.

Cats may cry out, roll around, have a head that tilts way off to one side, eyeballs that oscillate back and forth, may lean against walls or furniture, fall down, and seem "out of it". Sometimes if both ears are affected, the head may not be tilted much and kitty may not want to move at all. The affected cats most certainly are as puzzled as we are!"

Indiana Jones featured in one of my miniature paintings (right)

My little, (er, OK...rather large) kitty was SO frightened about feeling "off kilter" that he thrashed about and yowled while losing control of a few bodily functions, hence my heightened concern! But, now that the vet visit has passed, and Indiana has had a chance to heal, he is already feeling better. Indy is sitting up and securely tucked in to a hiding spot under my bed. I wanted to write a little about feline idiopathic vestibular syndrome because it may help one of you if your kitty every becomes a Summer Dizzy Kitty!

Another miniature paintings of Indiana Jones:

Indiana Jones trying to stow away on my last trip out west:

Thanks so much for visiting, hug your pets tonight!


Jennifer Rose said...

scary! glad he is all right now :) he needs to learn you don't try to be a stow away until the bags are packed, then you can hide under the clothes :p

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Must have been really scary for both of you. I'm so glad that he is feeling much better now poor boy.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

I do hope your gorgeous cat is now 100%, Melody,and gives you no more reason for worry :)

Kathleen Coy said...

Aw, poor kitty, I'm glad he's feeling better. I've never heard of that before!

Thanks for the print Mel, it came today! ((Hugs!))

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much for your kind words of concern Jennifer, Elizabeth, Karen, and Kathleen!!

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