Miniature Painting Of Bunnies Taking Shape

(Click image to zoom in a smidge)

I worked a bit more on the new miniature painting of two sweet bunnies named Duncan and Rupert. Adding the deep, flat black of the bunnies is beginning to bring the painting alive. At four by six inches, this is quite large compared to the ACEO format I usually work in. These little bunnies are Two of the Fabbitz. Duncan will be the main character in a new book I am illustrating written by the Fabbitz number one "bunny herder", Julia.

Here are the...oh so Famous Fabbitz at their Big Birthday Bash!

(Enlarged view here) Prints of the lovely Fabbitz can be found here.



Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Coming along great Mel and LOVE the Fabbitz!!!

DEB said...

Wonderful Melody! I was at a lavender farm a few days ago, where they have two of the sweetest pet bunnies. If you'd like any of the photos I took of them, just let me know!

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