Next Step For Miniature Painting Bunny In Lace Collar

Nearly back from my "staycation" (how is this possible, you might ask!) well, I simply wrapped up free time I gave myself while the rest of my crew was hiking the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I enjoyed many lovely rides on my horse unimpeded by the demands of teen, tween, and hubby while "staycationing". Now, back in my studio, I've worked a bit more on my new miniature painting - small original art - ACEO, "Bunny In A Lace Collar". I'm working in her rich chocolate colored fur, beginning the many layers of colored pencil and have added the steel blue garden pot she is peering out of.



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DEB said...

What fun! Loving the lace...The last mountain I climbed was Mount Major, in the White Mts. of NH. I thoroughly enjoyed living in Bow, NH with a view of Mt. Kearsarge out my window...thanks for the memories!

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