Where In The World Is Little Bit?

The weather here in New England has finally begun to feel like summer! We are having a handful of steamy, sticky, and typical late summer days... hazy, hot, and humid. So, I have been heading out to the barn where I board my sweet horse Little Bit, late in the day just on the edge of evening when the heat begins to slide away with the sun.

This is the sixth in my summer series (and guessing game) of graphically altered images; "Where In the World Is Little Bit?". I often am at a loss for words when I try to describe time with my beloved horse Little Bit. The above image represents yesterday's time with my equine pal. In you comments, try to guess what my experience was like from these pictures, I'll send out a free print of your choice, add your comment here, and link to your blog!

From the last episode of "Where In The World Is Little Bit?":

The comments:
"Eager anticipation of a soul-refreshing day. Even the dog is racing toward the woods. A light breeze adds a tingle of delight as the sunshine warms your skin. In the woods, you inhale the smells of ferns, moss, and fresh leaves; listen to the chirping of songbirds, a babbling creek, and the soft clomp of horse hooves along a well-trodden path. Along the way you observe the tiniest of nature's creatures going about their busy day - the warty texture of a toad, the smooth shell of a snail, an energetic squirrel scampering; and you soak in the brilliant colors of the forest. As you stroke Little Bits warm fur, you are thankful that he can escort you on such a beautiful day. Surely, this day will appear in some way in one of your future artist creations. Lucky you!"

~Cheryl Kugler of Creative Time

Previous comments:
From Pencilportraits in response to last weeks episode:

"I know, I know, Little Bit has started work at the Forestry Commission in England with myself and Willow. Little Bit is very brave and enters dark dark woods where no one else wanders but forges ahead valiantly to lead the team to safety!!!!"

~Karie-Ann Cooper

From Kathleen Coy of Life Earth Sky

"Aw, you and Little Bit are in a wood so quiet that all you can hear are the raindrops. The smells of wet leather, horse, damp earth and leaves mix together to create the most beautiful perfume imaginable... *sigh*"

~Kathleen Coy

Here are a few other wonderful bits of writing from my loyal readers from this episode of "Where In The World Is Little Bit?":

From my dear friend and fellow artist Wyanne Chase

"Its a lazy Sunday afternoon, mid-afternoon. Melody and Little Bit wandered aimlessly through the rolling open meadows without a worry in the world.

Little Bit nipped at the tall grasses while Melody held out both hands, waist high, palms down, letting the soft grasses tickle her skin as they wandered.

They stopped to listen - a gentle breeze whispered, chick-a-dees chattered with each other. Laying down in tall grasses side by side, they stared up at the endless blue sky, defining shapes in the high puffy clouds, daydreaming, wishing summer would never come to an end.

Just a couple of best friends, enjoying each other's company on a lazy Sunday afternoon mid-summer."

~Wyanne Chase

From fellow artist extraordinaire Kathleen Coy

"Mel, I see you and Little Bit under a gorgeous blue summer sky, surrounded by the lush green of the season, and feeling like everything is wide open and goes on forever..."

~Kathleen Coy

From Deb of ArtShtick
"Bit is in Teletubby land! There are rolling green hills and cottontails bounding through the landscape. The sun shines bright every day, and the nicest little purple, yellow, red and lime colored people come to play! "


Watch for more of "Where In the World Is Little Bit?" as our summer unfolds.


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