Twitter's Follow Friday - Like Cyber-Synergy

This may sound odd, but I see Twitter (especially "Follow Friday") as an opportunity to create waves, or expanding ripples of positive energy. I joined Twitter about six months ago and have slowly begun to learn how to use it as a wonderful supportive community. As you select individuals to follow and begin to actually interact with people on Twitter, you find that it can be a pretty amazing "Twittersphere" or community of great contacts. I believe a good recipe for your "Tweets" on Twitter is:

* 90% Sincere interaction with people, "Re-Tweeting" (meaning to repeat some one elses great information) RT-ing others art, sales, pictures, great news, etc.

* 10% Self Promotion

On Fridays there is a Twitter event called FollowFriday (or "followfriday, or #ff which is the "hash tag" code on Twitter) it's a chance to recommend your favorite people for others to follow. For me, FollowFriday has become almost an all day project, but really a labor of love. It brings me joy to recommend another person, add a few brief highlights about them, and "pay it forward" by bringing them more followers on Twitter.

So come Tweet with us on Twitter's #followfriday!

Me, on Twitter



DEB said...

So glad you've figured out how to make Twitter work for you! I follow it on and off - I haven't devoted enough time to it yet to find it enjoyable!

Kathleen Coy said...

Thanks again for all the FF love, Mel! :-)

I've been a little frustrated with twitter these last few weeks because I've gotten so many what seems to be porn spammers following me, so I block them and a few hours later 10 more that look the same but with different names follow. I finally set my profile to protected, so I have to approve who follows me, but I know I'm probably missing out on new people that way... I'll probably give it a week or so and change my profile back to see if the spammers have moved on or taken my name off their list, or whatever they do. Ugh!

But yeah, twitter can be a lot of fun otherwise, haha!

Jennifer Rose said...

I'm addicted to twitter :p sadly been neglecting it this week, but still reading people's tweets when I get a spare few minutes :)

thank you for all the FFs! :D

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Have too say I wasn't a big fan of Twitter although I did 'meet' some very nice people through it :)). I wasn't really sure off how secure it was and my computer seemed too have a lot of issues with Tweetdeck and it's nigh on impossible to follow if your not using Tweetdeck so I finally called it a day and left. Good thing though I can still follow you and the others I got too know in Blogsphere at a slower and more comfortable pace.......God does that make me sound old LOL.

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