A Little Graphic Design

I have been working on a graphic design piece ---> (you can click on it to zoom in) for Greta Johnson and Maggie Mei Lewis (author and publisher of our new children's book Moonlight Memoirs) Many years ago I considered myself a graphic designer, way back when the thrill of designing ON the computer was tremendous and quite cutting edge. Over the years I drifted back toward fine art and have joyfully built an art business based on my little fine art paintings. Occasionally I do dismantle a painting and redesign it graphically so that it wil work as a bookmark or greeting card, but primarily I paint with brushes, pencil, and ink rather than a mouse. Maggie and Greta asked however, and I offered to put together a few items to promote Moonlight Memoirs.

Now, this banner that I have been working over the last few days may not look very complex, but...the final product will be 84" tall and 31" wide. That's huge! In my "at home design and art studio" I have two main computers that I work on, one is my wee little NetBook and the other is a big desktop computer with jumbo size screen, etc. I prefer my little NetBook because I can stay snugged up by the woodstove in my bright sunny living room, as opposed to working in the cool dark basement where big boy computer lives. This banner design was allot to ask of the little "putie", and I think I may have seen some smoke escaping from its USB ports...for sure there was huffing and puffing, but we did it! I think Maggie and Greta will be pleased.


DEB said...

Melody, you do beautiful work - no matter what you are doing - graphics, fine arts...I learn a lot from you!

Jennifer Rose said...

really nice job on the banner :) the background goes really well with the mice.

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