More On Duncan's Magic Garden

Click on the image below and use your magnifying tool for a closer look.

I am moving slowly forward on my latest little painting; an 8"x10" mixed media - India ink, colored pencil, and watercolor, for the new children's book that I am illustrating:"Duncans Magic Garden". The above image is a close up of the piece.

To the right is a recent painting of Master Duncan, (Duncan Alexander will be the main character in this new childrens book). In "Fall Duncan" (right) I was experimenting with an ornate Fall border because I will be including ornate borders in the new childrens book project. In fact, the newest painting will be predominantly a border for the next week or so as I slowly and lovingly create this ivy covered wooden frame for Duncan's premier portrait!

Below are a few more portraits of Duncan and his bunny family:

(Above is Duncan Alexander and his brother Rupert. Below is one of Duncan's sisters, Ashleigh Elizabeth, You can click on the images to zoom in a smidge)

Duncan and his bunny clan are known as the "Fabbitz" (as in the Fabulous Rabbits) You can find out more about the Fabbitz here, and below are the Fabbitz, seen here at their Big Birthday Bash!

(Click on the image to zoom in and find prints of the lovely Fabbitz here.

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