Henry Meets The Mice, New Mini ACEO

I am taking a brief intermission from my new children's book illustrations to create a special little ACEO (2.5 " by 3.5" miniature painting) This little painting is intended to help promote Henry (right) and his new mouse friends from our children's book: Moonlight Memoirs

Henry, (as in What's The Matter With Henry?) has just met the two main character from our recently published story, Moonlight Memoirs You may remember these two little mice who first leaped from my brush three years ago. I'll introduce you again if you have forgotten...

On the right is Flanders the black mouse, and the left is Aloua (ah-lo-ah) the white mouse. Henry (the amazing three legged cat who has helped thousand of humans and critters) having just met met Flanders and Aloua, is hoping to help these wee little mice to further their message of hope and compassion. My job, as the artist is to give you a visual picture of these three charming critter's rendezvous and collaboration! So, this is "Henry Meets The Mice" Work In Progress (WIP) one:

Work In Progress (WIP) two:

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kmcoriginals said...

That's so cute, Henry (very pretty kitty) looks like my Fluffy but has the 3 legs in common with my Beanie who was born without a back leg. All the best on the new book!

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