Home Again and New Bookmark to Show

I'm home and settled after spending the week on the other side of the continent in California caring for my elderly mom and enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. That's my family (below) about 10 years ago. Gathered for Thanksgiving were all of us plus spouses and children, seventeen altogether.

It was a tender and bittersweet holiday around mom's bed. I am so honored and grateful to be part of a family, who not only celebrates a holiday with genuine hospitality, but can serve Thanksgiving dinner on cardboard boxes covered in sheets, yet loaded with class and refinement!

On the long flight home I was able to design Morning Glory Mouse bookmark (below) and spend some quality time with my teenage daughter.

The Morning Glory Mouse bookmark can be purchased here or here. Also, remember to take a look at the little Titmouse Bird painting I finished in California.

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