More On Duncan's Magic Garden

(Click on the close up to see the whole painting so far)

I am moving slowly along on my latest little painting. An 8"x10" mixed media - India ink, colored pencil, and watercolor, for the new children's book that I am illustrating:"Duncans Magic Garden". The above image is a close up of the piece and the final painting will include an ornate border which will frame our leading man, er...bunny. I have worked in the (ACEO) format (2.5" by 3.5") for the last five years, so adjusting to a dimension three times larger requires some getting used to. I will need to gain a new level of patience as each painting takes much longer to complete than my little ACEOs

Duncan and his bunny clan are known as the "Fabbitz"(as in the Fabulous Rabbits) Below is Duncan Alexander at his birthday bash with the Fabbitz clan.

Duncan's portrait was done as a miniature painting, also known as an (ACEO) and was part of a Triptych.

Triptych Below:


Cheryl Kugler said...

Love the Triptych of the rabbits. So colorful!

Linda Wedding said...

Hello, my name is Linda Wedding the author of the children's book, "The Blue Eyed Tri-Colored American Paint:A Lesson in Trust for Baby". It contains 25 full color photo's and it is a story of rescued horses and goats.Your story appears to be a very cute story with amazing paintings. I was wondering who your publisher was. I am ready for my second submission and am looking at all the options out there. You may visit my web site at, Thank you for any information you can give me.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Hi Linda. I published my most recent children's book here:

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