More On Duncan's Magic Garden

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I am moving along on my latest little painting. This is an 8"x10" mixed media - India ink, colored pencil, and watercolor, for the children's book I am illustrating:"Duncans Magic Garden". The final painting will include this ornate border and will frame the oh so adorable, shiny black bunny; Duncan.

Duncan and his bunny clan are known as the "Fabbitz" (as in the Fabulous Rabbits)!

Below is a portrait of Duncan's mom, Ashleigh Elizabeth:

Ashleigh's portrait was done as a miniature painting, also known as an (ACEO).

Below are the Fabbitz enjoying their big birthday bash!:


Colleen K Carrigan said...

How sweet to create such an elaborate and beautiful frame! The Fabbitz ARE Fabulous! : )

Kathleen Coy said...

Your rendering of the old barnwood is perfection, Mel! Really feels like I could reach out and touch it.

Carolina said...

I love all the Fabbitz, you paint all your little animals so cute and lovely, that's a gift :)
Best regards,

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