New Miniature Art -Titmouse Bird Series

I am in California caring for my elderly mom and anticipating a wonderful Thanksgiving/ family reunion in a few days. I brought a "bare bones" assortment of art supplies and am hoping to create at least one new miniature piece of art while I am here. Over the next few weeks, between sessions on my new children's book; Duncan's Magic Garden, I envision a series of 5"x5" paintings which depict three little birds called Tufted Titmice. My friend on Twitter mikeyboy50, gave me permission to use his wonderful photographs as reference and the surface I am using is new to me. I'm trying out three Art Boards. These boards have Arches Cold Press 156 lb watercolor paper mounted to Natural Fiber Panels. The panels are about 1/2 thick with little mounting brackets on the back so they are ready to hang. The Arches Watercolor Paper is mouldmade in France with 100% cotton fiber content, pH neutral and gelatin sized. So far, I love the surface!

Now...I did not bring my camera, so you are going to have to use a bit of imagination on these photographs since they were taken with me cell phone!

Tufted Titmouse work in progress one:

Tufted Titmouse work in progress two:

Tufted Titmouse work in progress three:



Barbara A. Freeman said...

I'm sure your Mom is happy to have you near. One of the joys of doing small work is it's portability. My heart goes out to you Melody. I/we may have to do something similar very soon. The best to you and your Mom!

Pam Lefcourt said...

Melody~I hope you visit with your mom is working out ok. How nice of you to be able to travel with your daughter to spend time with your mom and see others at the same time. Timothy is just adorable! Seems like a productive trip. Get home safely.

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