A Thanksgiving Journey

I am headed out to California again tomorrow morning (at 2:00 AM!) to care for my elderly mother. Most of you know that my siblings and I have been taking turns flying into Bakersfield California from all corners of the continent. We have been caring for mom (who has been confined to bed since she broke her hip two years ago), making it possible for her to stay in her wonderful little house rather than a rest home. However, this cross-country journey will be different! I am bringing my teenage daughter with me and there will be a convening of family members who have not seen each other in nearly ten years! It will be a family reunion/Thanksgiving celebration all around mom's bed. I am really looking forward to traveling with my daughter and spending time with my family over this special holiday.

(mom and my "little brother" above)
Happy Thanksgiving!


Jennifer Rose said...

have a good time with the family reunion/thanksgiving celebration :)

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald said...

Wishing you a safe trip and wonderful visit with your family!!

Linda said...

have a special celebration together. Lindax

Barbara A. Freeman said...

A safe journey to you Melody. It sounds like a special time.

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