Winter Mornings

There is often a sliver of time when my family is bundled out the door to work and school...when my studio fills with brilliant-frosty edged morning sunshine. When its frigid outside but the fire is burning bright and warm inside and the day is full of possibilities. My animal family all settle in, relishing the warmth, sunshine, and quiet. These moments are like little gifts to me, they are a personal oasis that I treasure each time they unfold on winter mornings.


Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

You are making me jealous Melody - It is 41degC (105degF) here at the moment in the middle of spring and I would just love a nice cool day - sounds heavenly!!!!

Janet said...

Those are the simple pleasures. I see you have some wonderful models for your beautiful art. Joy is all around you. Hugs, Janet

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