Happy Solstice And Next Step On Titmouse

Happy Winter Solstice! This is the shortest day of the year, and we can now look forward to the days growing just the smallest amount longer. All my Christmas decorations are done, the gifts are mostly are nearly out of school, cards sent...its a lovely feeling. I finally found time to work some more on the second painting in my series which depicts a winter bird known as the Tufted Titmouse. Between sessions of illustrating my new children's book; Duncan's Magic Garden, I hope to create a series of three 5"x5" paintings done in watercolor, India ink, and colored pencil.

My friend on Twitter; mikeyboy50, gave me permission to use his beautiful photographs as reference (thanks Mikey!).

I'm using a product called Art Boards which have Arches Cold Press 156 lb watercolor paper mounted to Natural Fiber Panels. The panels are about 1/2 thick with little holes on the back so they are ready to hang. The Arches Watercolor Paper is mouldmade in France with 100% cotton fiber content, pH neutral and gelatin sized.

Here is a little thumbnail of Titmouse One and more information about the miniature painting can be found here

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