My Sister's Words

Adrian, or Ade as we call her, is my oldest sister. She homesteads in Alaska but has set up camp in hot, dusty suburban Bakersfield, California, (as much of a contrast to her Alaska wilderness as your could find) most of this year to care for our elderly mom. Every month or so the rest of us three kids pitch in so that Ade can go home to her ice and snow for a while. I thought you might like to meet this remarkable woman who is my big sister and read some of her written works of art.

"A Turning Tide Going Out"

by Adrian Eve Revenaugh
(who keeps a blog called: Alaskan In The Hinterlands )

My message is written and stoppered in amber glass stout and battered
Now to walk back to the redwoods where I last saw the sea wild
I'll toss it with a might to just the right current and stay
high on the outcropping, watching as it glints away.

Old woman return now down the well worn path
Cozy-up in a cabin built by love and wonder till you're frail,
what might come of your heart's desire.

The wind is mixing with birch smoke
It's sweetness is fluttering across the face of the moon
I can hear the tide low against the shore
Light, careful foot steps, swishing in the beach grass.

My heart jumps and eyes tingle. Imagine.

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Sandy said...

Your art is wonderful. I will definitely check out your link, she sounds like a great person.

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