Watercolor Background On New Miniature

I am excited about this next watercolor phase for my latest miniature painting. I am working larger than the usual ACEO size of 2.5" by 3.5" that I've worked in almost exclusively for the last five years. The support is called Art Board, a 5" by 5" by 1.5" surface. Previously, on the small format of ACEOs, I found it difficult to really play with watercolor washes, so this has been fun to work a little larger.

These Art Boards have Arches Cold Press 156 lb watercolor paper mounted to Natural Fiber Panels. The panels are about 1/2 thick with little holes on the back so they are ready to hang. The Arches Watercolor Paper is mouldmade in France with 100% cotton fiber content, pH neutral and gelatin sized.

This painting is the second in my series which depicts a Tufted Titmouse. Between sessions of illustrating my new children's book; Duncan's Magic Garden, I hope to create a series of three 5"x5" paintings done in watercolor, India ink, and colored pencil.

My friend on Twitter; mikeyboy50, gave me permission to use his beautiful photographs as reference (I meet THE most wonderful people on Twitter).

Here is a little thumbnail of Titmouse One and more information about the miniature painting can be found here

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Adrian Eve Revenaugh said...

Shared this collection with Mom. Beautiful Melody!

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