Finally Back To Duncan's Magic garden!

(above is the overall layout a month or so ago)

(click on the thumbnail below right for a nice close look and remember to use your magnifying tool as well)

After a whole month away from this project, I am finally back to work on the new children's book, "Duncan's Magic Garden". This is an 8"x10" mixed media - India ink, colored pencil, and watercolor, on smooth illustration board. The image to the right is a close up of the piece so far, the final painting will include this ornate border and will frame our leading man, er...bunny. My plan is to have a half dozen very ornate borders, then 25 additional illustrations representing the story. Each smaller illustration will fit inside the various borders. Having worked in the (ACEO) format (2.5" by 3.5") for the last five years, so adjusting to a dimension three times larger requires some getting used to, but I am getting the hang of it.

Duncan and his bunny clan are also known as the "Fabbitz"(as in the Fabulous Rabbits) Below is Duncan Alexander at his birthday bash with the Fabbitz clan.

Duncan's portrait was done as a miniature painting, also known as an (ACEO) and was part of a Triptych. A Triptych is three small paintings, each unique in itself, but when laid side by side also make up a lager composition.

Triptych Below:

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