Preview For Tomorrows New iPhone Images

As many of you know I now have an iPhone art app which has not only been approved by Apple but is now has over 1432 downloads! This is a revolving pocket gallery of my miniature paintings that will change weekly. Above is a little preview of tomorrow's 35 miniatures for your app. Below is the story of how all this exciting news came to be, (if you've already read this cool background bit, skim on through).

My Twitter friend Dave Carpenter, who also lives in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts and I had lunch together about a month ago. Over lunch Dave and I were talking about my art (which is predominately ACEOs-miniatures 3.5” x 2.5”). Suddenly his eyes lit up and he said, "an iPhone app!" Of course, these little paintings would be just perfect for viewing on an iPhone. So I hurried home and contacted my brother, Matthew Revenaugh, who is a computer programer (TheSoftWareMan), and before we knew it, a great little iPhone app was born.

Now your favorite Melody Lea Lamb ACEO's can travel with you, a quick pick me up as you navigate your day! There will be about 35 images that appear as a slide show on your iPhone. These 35 miniatures will change each week with tomorrow being the first full change over.

I am so thrilled to see the success of this little endeavor and the fact that its totally free makes me feel all "warm and fuzzy" Free is good!


paulhassing said...

Great idea; fabulous story! This wonderful initiative can only bring good things to you and your business. I'm jolly impressed (and just a bit envious). Best regards, P. :)

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much Paul! I am honored you stopped by my blog. Cheers!

Stephen G said...

She's Global! She's Omnipresent! She's Melody Lea Mobile! :-)

You never cease to amaze me Melody :-)...Well done! :-)

Now, when I think of 'Magical Forest Beings' guess who's at the top of the list? :-)


Stephen G

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much Stephen, its a pleasure to see you over here on my blog! Chat with you in a few on Twitter.

studio lolo said...

So glad I 'stumbled' here to find another animal lover. Your work is stunning!

Now that I'm back in N.E. after being in CA for 16 years, I'm happy to find links like the one beautiful Ivan is featured on.

Thank you for making a difference for the animals.

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