New Book Illustration Started

Today I roughed out an initial sketch for the bunny portrait which will be included in my new children's book:"Duncans Magic Garden". This piece is 5x7" and will be done in watercolor, India ink and colored pencil. I created a very ornate border a few months ago (an 8"x10" piece shown below) which will surround this little bunny portrait. For the finished book project I'll add images of the characters inside this ornate border, below is an example of how that might look like (only here with my wee mouse).

Duncan and his bunny clan are known as the "Fabbitz" (as in the Fabulous Rabbits)!

Below is a portrait of Duncan's sibling:

This bunny's portrait was done as a miniature painting, also known as an (ACEO).

And the Fabbitz enjoying their big birthday bash!


MikeyBoy50 said...

Great as always, Melody.
We must be getting closer to Easter.
I got some real good pics of a rabbit
in the wild today...
Cant connect on TW cause it's OC
Carry on My Lady! Hugs!

anntroe said...

Hey Melody! So cool you are giving away 10 free prints! AND thanks for the advice you have given me in the past - Most helpful ;-)

Ann (twiter: AnnieDoodlebugz)

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