More On Miniature Art - Gifting From The Heart

This afternoon I worked a bit more on my newest miniature painting of a little Chipmunk on a quite woodland floor. My goal with this tiny painting is to capture a magical world. One that you might find if you were to sit down in a wooded glen, become very still and quiet, then look closely at the world at your feet.

I also created a new blog for you. From my experience recently on Twitter, I have found that the desire to give... a smile, a thank you, any small token of my gratitude is immensely rewarding and well received. It seems to me, that during a time when so many are struggling, the need to reach out and brighten someone's day has become essential. So, I created a blog from which one can quickly buy a small gift for giving. Introducing "Gifting From The Heart"!


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"JeanneG" said...

It's really turning out cute. Love the greenery at his feet.

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