Childrens Book Cover Begins

On what feels like a mid-summer day here in New England I roughed out the Thumbnail (a quick sketch that an artist uses to work out ideas) for the new children's book that I have the joy and privileged of illustrating:"Duncan's Magic Garden". I will also be doing several ornate and intricate borders, with the main character inside like the one shown below.

Duncan (who is, of course our main character in the book) is one of the famous Fabbitz whom I have painted many times. Here is Master Duncan surrounded by fall colors (right)

Below is another portrait of Duncan and one of his bunny family:

You can find out more about the Fabbitz here, and below are the Fabbitz, seen here at their Big Birthday Bash!



DEB said...

And what a great cover this will be!!

Katherine Thomas said...

I want to pick up those black bunnies and snuggle with them! How fun!

Evelyn McCorristin Peters said...

I look forward to seeing the development of your new book. I love your sketch and I think the borders are a great addition! Keep us posted!

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