Bashful Baby Bunny

On this unusually chilly June day, (it never warmed above 55 today!), I cozied up in my studio and worked on my newest miniature ACEO ( a tiny 3.5" x 2.5" painting). This step in the process of my miniature art involves layer upon layer of Prisma colored pencil. The miniature piece becomes very much a painting as I push the waxy pigment around and blend the many layers. Eventually I hope to have the little bunny-rabbit's eye as the focal point. It will be the point of strongest contrast and detail. Notice I've placed his eye at about 1/3 in and up following the rule of thirds for my composition. The challenge will be to have the Daisies strong, but not the main focus of the painting. If you were sitting quietly in a cool grassy spot, hidden away deep in the woods, gazing at a patch of wild might suddenly spot the gentle bright eye of a baby cottontail rabbit..then realize he is crouched motionless right by your feet! That's what I hope to capture here. So on to more colored pencil layers. Here is a Slideshow of each step in the creative process for "Spring Bunny 2010".



@OrganicGuru said...

I really enjoyed this piece. It reminded me of the first time that I read The Hobbit as a child under the apple orchard at our estate in the country.

The slide show element was a nice touch and was interesting because you can see the vision come to life.

You definitely have achieved your goal with the bunny being the focal point. I could definitely imagine how this would be something one would find in the country and not even realize the hidden beauty staring right back. It is a beautiful piece that many will enjoy.

DEB said...

This is coming along great...I'd forgotten about the rule of 3rds. Now you have me wondering how many other technical things I learned and forgot! :)

Todd Weiss CFA said...

Looks great. I love the color tone and feel. It's interesting to see something like this done on in such a small space. I can see the challenge in balancing the daisies and the eye of the Rabbit.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks Todd, June and Deb. I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and look at my little painting and giving me feedback!

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