Bunny Book Cover Illustration- Step By Step

(below: close-up)

The new children's book I am working on is called "Duncan's Magical Garden" written by Julia Wilkinson. The story is about a beautiful black bunny named Duncan who finds he has magical powers. Duncan discovers he can transform his environment in to a magical garden beyond any bunny's wildest dreams! There are broccoli trees, carrots that tower over his bunny head and every yummy greenery a rabbit could ever want. Of course, Duncan does run into some troubles along the way...but you will have to wait for the book to find out just what sort of mischief Duncan finds himself in!

Tonight I finished illustrating Duncan in his garden; the enormous broccoli and carrots are still only inked in. These will begin to take shape as I apply watercolor and layers of colored pencil.

Below is the initial sketch for Duncan's Magical Garden cover, giving you some of the step by step procedure in developing the painting. Also below is a close up of the delicious items Duncan had found in his Magical Garden.

Inside the book, many illustrations will have ornate borders like the one I've painted here. In this illustration the bunny (Duncan) and the ornate Ivy frame are two separate paintings that I have graphically combined. This graphics technique will give me the flexibility of interchanging images and frames.

Earlier in the illustration process I created a small painting (below right) with Duncan as the subject in order to practice capturing his beautiful ebony coat.

I've also included another portrait of Duncan and one of his bunny family (below left). In this piece I experimented with a different surface, one I was not ultimately pleased with. I find it very helpful to try a few supports (paper/board) and techniques before I launch into the actual book illustrations.

Duncan is a member of a bunny family Julia calls the "Fabbitz", (as in the Fab-Five-Rabbits) Cute, right? You can find out more about the Fabbitz here, and below are the Fabbitz, seen in my Triptich painting of their "Big Birthday Bash"!

All of the finished pieces are available as prints from my Etsy and Art Fire stores.



Jen Ward said...

All children would love to be friends with Duncan and be invited in his Garden.

fanderson said...

I look forward to your book!! Great art on your site and my kiddos enjoy visiting your site also!! You made it fun for the whole family and we are all fans of your art!!

Casey Shannon Studio said...

Ha! And my granddaughter owns the original Duncan painting from Melody Lea Lamb!

The Beaded Pillow said...

I love the term "Fabbitz"; how clever. And again, Melody, you have caputured a wonderful little fellow in Duncan. ~ Karen

Melody Lea Lamb said...

*Thanks so much Jen. Duncan is indeed a friend to all!

*Appreciate it Fanderson, that's awesome to hear!

*Hi Casey! yep, granddaughter is the proud owner of Master Duncan's wee portrait! :)

*Thank you Karen! Gotta love the Fabbitz, such clever little guys and gals.

DEB said...

What wonderful illos! And Duncan is such a cutie!

@OrganicGuru said...

I Love the work Fabbitz! How clever!

This is such a smart way to also introduce how awesome Broccoli and carrots are to kids as you show them the pictures. Way to go, Melody!

Christopher Adams said...

You are very talented, Very nice work!

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