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Occasionally I get to employ my graphic design background with my fine art creations. For example, in the new children's book I am working on, Duncan's Magical Garden, I've created a intricate border design (as a separate painting) then the portrait of a black bunny (the main character) which was also done as a separate work of art. In my computer graphics program I combine the two paintings to create a new composition (shown above) which will be the final illustration for the new book.

I often use this same technique to change one of my miniature paintings (ACEOs) into a format for bookmarks and greeting cards. Its fun to come up with a different composition and also to refine a piece or even change a certain part of the painting I am not happy with. Sometimes when I finish a miniature painting, there are parts of the piece that I am really pleased with, but other areas I'm disappointed in. In my graphics program I can take apart a piece and keep what I am happy with while removing what is disappointing to me. The little mermaid bookmark (below right) was created form an early ACEO in which I felt I had given the beautiful mermaid a nose and forehead that was perhaps a bit, er, too strong. Remember, these works of art are only a few inches square, so that little nose (being size of a pencil tip) was easy to make too big. So, I was able to give little mermaid a "nose job" in her new role as a bookmark!
Below is how Ms. Mermaid looked in my original painting;

Below are a handful of my unique bookmarks and their corresponding originals:



jen Ward said...

How wonderful to allow us into your world and how it's created. It is very generous of you as an artist. It is very interesting to know the process in which the wonderful end products are created.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much Jen! I really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment on my work.

Todd Weiss CFA said...

Awesome stuff Melody. The graphics look surreal. Love the bunny with the white gloves. So proper. Thanks for sharing. said...

stunning pictures , i really love too much your style in drawing , the value ,the shadow , the little tiny details , the wonderful matching colors all is rhyming perfectly together !
It is wonderful Melody ((*__*))

Entrepreneurshop, Inc said...

Hi Melody,

You are gifted, these are great. Pictures can mean so many different things, I have been sitting here trying to piece together all the different image combination, I like the horse and the moon the best! Which one do you like the best?

@OrganicGuru said...

This is such an awesome demonstration. I just love your versatility and ability to utilize different pieces. The same can be applied to a business logo,etc. The concept is what matters. I just love your fairies!

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