My Beloved Horse

When I was a little girl, thoughts of horses filled my every waking moment. I dreamed and schemed of the horse I would own and how I would actually keep said horse in my suburban back yard. The reality; I was one of six children whose hard working single mom struggled to cover the basic costs of keeping us all fed and clothed. Actually owning a horse was most certainly a dream, but that didn’t stop me from happily imagining my world with a horse beside me.

I carried that dream all through my childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood. I volunteered at various stables just to be near horses, to touch and smell them, revel in that equine presence. Until I turned 40, that's when I decided "its now or never", and purchased my first horse! Equine number one was a huge, black retired dressage horse I named Gulliver. Gulliver had done it all, he was tired, but seemed sound and safe. Unfortunately he went lame (crippled) within six months due to the years of wear and tear on his tendons…so old Gulliver was given to a boys camp where I hope he is happily spending his retirement getting lots of love and hugs.

For a few weeks I thought my lifelong dream had ended with Gulliver’s departure, but then came Little Bit. An old cowboy friend of mine had "just the horse" for me. He was a bit on the ugly side my friend told me, a little fat, but a kind and sweet horse. When I met Little Bit he had no mane or tail! I mean, there were a few stray hairs, but that was about it. The poor lad had a bad allergy problem and had rubbed out all of his fur from nose to tail. He was in fact a bit unattractive, but his price was great and I brought him home.

Ten years and a few states later, my sweet Little Bit is still with me! I was able to cure his allergy and he now has a beautiful, long, wavy mane and tail. We have come so far together Little Bit and I, learning slowly how to ride and care for my dream horse, trailoring him across the country when I moved from Texas, and figuring out how to budget the cost of owning a horse through some very tight times.

Today there is not one moment of time spent with my horse that I don’t relish like the very finest wine. I drink in every heavenly smell, every warm hug, every moment that he knickers a welcome. We have galloped down country roads together, across snow cover fields with the Winter sun glistening off the ice, and spent many hours just being together in the barn. I have a long ways to go to become an accomplished equestrian, my skills come slowly without formal training, but having waited 35 years for this dream equine, I can wait a lifetime for that time when Little Bit and I are a perfectly synchronized team communicating on a higher level as we canter down life’s road together.

More images of my beloved horse:

My sweet horse "Little Bit" waiting for a mountain trail ride.

Above, my riding buddy and I out on the trail, (Little Bit was trying HARD to steal some corn!)

My horse and I (above)

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@SerendipityJane said...

I know that horses are very sensitive and playful but I always have had great respect of them ever since I had fallen off one time, having my arm broken. I will never forget that day but I love horses nonetheless and see the bond you have to Little Bit, in your beautiful images and story. Thanks for sharing. :-)

fanderson said...

I LOVE horses!! I have always wanted one but living in TX and in the country I am surrounded by them! I have kiddos that will grow up around horses and they are not even mine! My neighbors here have horses or kids..some brave enough to have both! Your Horse is beautiful and the love you have for him is transparent! Always beautiful art here on your site! Loved the Pictures ;)

The Beaded Pillow said...

Lucky you and Little Bit! I got my dream horse, Fenesse, for my 15th birthday (many moons ago) and cherished every day with her. Now I imagine she's "up there somewhere" enjoying oats and meadows. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of special times. (Little Bit is a handsome guy!)

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much SerendipityJane, fanderson and The Beaded Pillow!

Fanderson, Little Bit is from Mexico and I found him in Tx. I know just what you mean about horses on every corner there. LB was quite astounded by the lush green forests of New England when I moved him from Tx!

Fenesse sounds like such a sweetheart! I bet she is looking down on you now with a gentle knicker from her soft muzzle. :)

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald said...

What a heartwarming story Mel! I can feel your love and gratitude for Little Bit. He is very lucky to have such a kind and generous owner. Definitely a win/win for you both! He is handsome and you look sweet together! May you both have many more days of fun together! A great reminder that if there is a will Dreams really can come true!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thank you Debbie. Your kind and sensitive words mean so much.
Warm hugs dear to you, dear friend.

Gary Keimig said...

great story Melody. A horse can cure what ails a person. That I know.

Entrepreneurshop, Inc said...

Horses are such beautiful animals, so what do you like better horses or cats? Thanks for the post, very nice pictures.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet story. It just proves, never give up on your dreams!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much Barbara, Entrepreneurshop and Gary. I agree, dreams can come true if they are kept alive in our hearts! Entrep; I love ALL critters. Indeed Gary, "The best thing for the inside of a person is the outside of a horse"!

DEB said...

Melody, I love your story. I can relate to poor Little Bit...really. Ironically enough I'm allergic to - you guessed it HORSES! (No lie!)

AK said...

A touching tale with lovely images.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks for the comments, AK!
Deb, that's tragic! :( I cant imagine being allergic to any critter. Well, enjoy Little Bit from afar, then.

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