First Fabric Art Design

I have always wanted to design for fabric. Many years ago, when my first child was on the way, I decided to rekindle my love for sewing and create all the baby gear for her. I bought a bolt (that's about 100 yards!) of fabric I loved and began a season of sewing for my children that lasted for years. It was so much fun creating little works of art that my daughter could wear! Much of the joy in sewing is putting together beautiful fabric to create functional works of art.

Above and below are my very first fabric designs for sale! The designs are intended to be used in quilting, hence the simple squares. I am working on an exciting collaboration with Charlotte Wiggins of Bluebird Gardens Quilts and Gifts for one of a kind baby quilts.

Although I set aside my sewing endeavors the last seven years to focus on my miniature art and illustration, I continued to entertain the notion of designing for fabric. Recently my good friend Golders, who is also an artist, began designing for a great company called Spoonflower. Golders put together some really fun designs for Spoonflower. Here is her fabric collection and her blog post about her designs.

I am pleased to have the beginnings of a fabric collection on Spoonflower as well:

From the Spoonflower website:

"Spoonflower makes it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric designs. It was founded in May 2008 by two Internet geeks who had crafty wives but who knew nothing about textiles. The company came about because Stephen’s wife, Kim, persuaded him that being able to print her own fabric for curtains was a really cool idea. She wasn’t alone. The Spoonflower community now numbers around 70,000 individuals who use their own fabric to make curtains, quilts, clothes, bags, furniture, dolls, pillows, framed artwork, costumes, banners and much, much more."

I'll be creating more fabric designs and perhaps even sew some fun projects to sell in my Art Fire and Etsy shops!



@zeadie said...

That's cool! The first one almost looks like the Firefox logo. Great post!

Jennifer Rose said...

what a neat site :) and that is a really pretty flower design :D

Todd Weiss CFA said...

As always you're work is awesome. Love the color schemes with the pink. :-)

Franpro said...

Thanks for the nice work!

I'm amazed by what some folks are able to do, art-wise.

The Franchise King®

Richard Bejah said...

What a LOVELY SITE! My first visit here and was blown away by the ART... YOU ARE SO TALENTED! I will be back. RICH :0)

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks everyone for you kind remarks and wonderful encouragement!!

Golders said...

Thanks for the kind mention Mel -you are such a sweetheart :)

Melody Lea Lamb said...

My pleasure, Ms. Golders! :)

The Organic View said...

I think anything that you create that reminds you of nature's beauty is always awesome! I LOVE owls and think your throw pillows are adorable! Thank you for making this all seem so easy! I am going to try it!

fanderson said...

Loved the fabric art!! You are so talented and I love that you keep expanding your ability and sharing the beauty! I love that you are so creative and my kids love your site! So family friendly and thank you for sharing your amazing work!

Cherie said...

Glad to see more and more of my friends designing at Spoonflower now! I've had a ball creating fabric designs there! I've even sold some fabrics (so exciting)!

I know you'll be pleased with the results of their printing too!

Visit my shop if you get a chance! Thank you!


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