Artist Turns Techno-Geek!

How it began

When I first started selling my miniature art on eBay eight years ago, I quickly discovered that I could make my auction listing more interesting by using simple HTML (HyperText Markup Language- the predominant markup language for web pages). Thus began my journey into the challenging, sometimes frustrating and totally intriguing world of computer coding! Very slowly I began to get the hang of simple coding which created colorful headlines and interesting backdrops for my art. Eventually I got quite good at it and even created a flexible virtual frame in which I can drop any little painting. You can preview the special HTML frame magic here

I poured over the pages of W3Schools, and to my surprise, continued to find coding fun! How cool it is to type (what looks like gibberish into a format) and have a beautiful page of color and images be the result!

My first website

I soon found the need for my own website as my art business began to grow and chose Earthlink as my web host. Earthlink offered a huge discount on NetObjecst Fusion with their hosting package, so I purchased the web building program. NetObjecst does have a rather enormous learning curve (lots of near tears sessions) but, I eventually learned to design and publish my own website, which I am quite proud of!

I still frequently find myself pulled into the "siren song" of an HTML puzzle. I begin thinking about how I want something to look on the Internet and am challenged by the HTML riddle that I must solve to accomplish my vision. For example, I recently redesigned my entire gift shop into a more streamlined and simple presentation.

The Benefits

Its been very liberating to teach myself HTML coding, because I can create or alter all my websites without waiting for a webmaster. So, if you are (in the slightest way) intrigued by computer coding, I recommend doing some reading at W3Schools and giving HTML a try!



rasamalai said...

Hi Melody! What an encouraging post, thank you very much! :) <3

Melody Lea Lamb said...

My pleasure Claudia! Its been a fun and rewarding process.

-Mike said...

Another facet to an extremely gifted person! I wish W3Schools had existed when I started. I ended up writing my own site on coding :)

@toddweisscfa said...

Congrats. I play with HTML from time to time and it's worth learning. Great job keep it up.

June Stoyer said...

It is interesting how we all get started. Clearly, you have mastered quite a bit on your own because your blog is so beautiful! I sometimes wander off looking at your work! It is like an internet museum!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks Michael! MP3Schools is indeed such a helpful site. I still do a lot of "raw coding", you know, hacking away at HTML rather than through a web building program. But I actually have more fun (sometimes) with raw coding because its like learning to speak a foreign language!

Thanks Todd. I agree, very valuable skills to keep.

Thank you June! What a wonderful thing to say; "I sometimes wander off looking at your work". That's what I hope my viewer's experience when they look at my art. I want them to meander off into another (magical) world.

Kayla Fioravanti said...

Love the contrasting images of artist and techno geek -- you have mastered them both. You are very gifted.

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