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I see Twitter (especially "Follow Friday") as an opportunity to create waves, or expanding circles of positive energy. I joined Twitter about three years ago and have learned to use it as a wonderful supportive community. As you select individuals to follow and begin to actually interact with people on Twitter, you find that it can be a pretty amazing "Twittersphere", a community of potentially awesome contacts. I believe a good recipe for your "Tweets" on Twitter is:

  • 90% Sincere interaction with people, "Re-Tweeting" (meaning to repeat some one else's great information) others art, sales, pictures, great news, etc.

  • 10% Self Promotion
On Fridays there is a Twitter event called FollowFriday (#FollowFriday or #FF which includes the "hash tag" code on Twitter). It's a chance to recommend your favorite people for others to follow. For me, #FollowFriday has become really a labor of love. It brings me joy to recommend another person, add a few brief highlights about them, and "pay it forward" by bringing them more followers on Twitter. So come Tweet with us on Twitter's #FollowFriday! Me, on Twitter

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