I'm YouTubin' Art!

Thanks to my teenage son's encouragement, I now have a YouTube Channel! How fun is that?!? I plan on adding many step by step videos of my miniature art, here are my first two. These are two WIPs (work in progress) of my "Little Angel" ACEO and "Fall Bunny" miniature paintings.

Thanks, son.



@toddweisscfa said...

Congrats. This is a great way to present your work in a much different light. You'll find its pretty easy. Well done :-)

fatine khawarizmi said...

I liked the idea of making a video and showing the steps for you beautiful art. excellent!

DEB said...

Melody, you are just EMBRACING technology, girlfriend! Good for you!!

Surferz World said...

wow, your artwork is truly amazing! A Big thanks to your son too for recommending you to start a youtube channel.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thank you Todd, Surferz, Deb and Fatine! Much more to come, I'm really having fun with it.

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