Miniature Art To Help Dogs In Need

"In Honor Of Paloma The Chihuahua" 2008
ACEO 2.5 " by 3.5"
India Ink, some White Acrylic, and Colored Pencil

I often have the opportunity to paint small works of art that benefit animals in need. This particular miniature painting (ACEO) was created to help an old Chihuahua named Paloma. I have found it especially comforting to capture the spirit of an animal in need like this old dog and ultimately raise money ( from the sale of the original miniature painting) to help charities like  Old Dog Haven Rescue.

You can read more about little Paloma here:

Paloma was a "final refuge" dog who spent her last days at Old Dog Haven
Although the original small work of art has sold, I still have many prints available in my Etsy shop and will continue to donate to ODH

Here is a WIP (Work in Progress) slide show of "In Honor of Paloma".

(Thank you to Alexandru Chiriak and 123RoyaltyFree for the reference photograph)
Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Fit2B Studio said...

I love this little dog and this memoir. Beautiful yet sad.

@toddweisscfa said...

Muy bueno. Me gusta mucho. Love dogs. Great stuff Mel.

Kayla @EssentialU said...

Get to use your talent for such a good cause.

June Stoyer said...

Thank you for taking the time to explain all of the wonderful things that you do. Old Dog Haven was not an organization that I knew of. Thanks to your generosity and beautiful work, I have yet another wonderful organization with animals that I can connect with.

You truly are a good soul and so generous to be so giving of yourself. Thank you for letting us into your world and help understand how you make the world a better place!

Merry Christmas!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Todd, June, Kayla and Fit2B! Have a wonderful holiday season.

fatine khawarizmi said...

Great artist and great heart Melody! the more I read you the more I admire all what you do!

fairy fantasy art said...

Its great!! you are using your talent for such a good cause..

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