An Artist's Winter

There are often arctic days, deep in winter, when our New England landscape is locked in frigid beauty. On these mornings, after my family is bundled out the door to work and school, my studio fills with brilliant-frosty edged sunshine. Although its freezing outside, the fire is burning bright in my wood stove, and the day is full of possibilities. My animal family gets all settle in, relishing the warmth, sunshine, and quiet. These moments are like little gifts to me, they are a personal oasis that I treasure each time they unfold on winter mornings.



@ToddWeissCFA said...

Very nice Mel. I am looking forward to some of your spring season samples. :-)

beth said...

My faves are the featherish icicles and the dog/cat looking out the window! BTW, I got my kitty print in the mail. I'm planning to frame it and put it up in my daughter's window :) Thanks!

June Stoyer @OrganicGuru said...

What beautiful pictures, Mel! They make you feel as though this could be your own home. Thanks for sharing them!

Fatin Khawarizmi said...

I am really fascinated with all your drawings Mel!

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