Facebook Thoughts on Valentine Card

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I recently asked my Facebook "Fans" their opinion about which of these images I should feature for upcoming Valentine's Day. I was so flattered to receive over 30 responses, including artistic critiques and impassioned favorites. I extend my warmest thanks to all my Facebook fans listed below, who took a moment out of their day to share their opinion!

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Fans who were so kind to leave a comment:


Kayla @EssentialU said...

Love the black dog with the red heart around his neck.

sammybourke said...

I don't know. Because I like the Scotty dog very much. Except I really like the little mouse too!

From Sammy

June Stoyer @OrganicGuru said...

I love both. It is hard to decide. I think whatever you create, you give it so much love it makes it hard to pick JUST one!

Dees said...

I am in complete awe....your work is so amazing!I so so so love the mice you paint!So happy to have found you,I was visting Karin Hulls site and I started reading about miniature art and found your wonderful site/blog/etsy along the way!I also love the book you illustrated and will certainly purchase it:)love all your animals but the mice certainly are my most favorite of all:)))))hugs from Holland Dees

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