Need Your Artistic Opinion

This is a painting for a recent children's book project. I own the original ( an 8x10" watercolor and pencil), and I'm thinking about turning it into a new completed piece. What do you think about a subject that could go inside this ivy frame? What are your thoughts? Preferable a critter...maybe something with spring in mind? Perhaps an Easter theme/bunny, considering the lush green foliage?

I'd be honored to hear your opinions in a comment here on my blog.



Bit of Art said...

Try not to laugh, but recently I have been watching spider monkeys at the zoo and the mom plus three little babies live in a birdhouse in the exhibit. The mom will come out and eat/play/explore while the little ones just look out the hole. They are just as cute as can be. The hole is enlarged to 2 inches. Wonderful exhibit!!!!!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks Bit of Art!! The little monkeys sound so charming.

Thank you also for the 35 comments and suggestions on my Facebook page!! All your efforts were a big help in my determining a composition for this little painting.

Donna said...

Melody, This frame is beautiful, to no surprise, and would be gorgeous with a spring bunny in it! Absolutely!

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