Raising A Baby Sparrow

A few years ago I had the joy and honor of rescuing a baby Sparrow! To the left is a small painting I did in memory of this little bird, and below is a slide show documenting her brief time with me. For the ten days that "Daisy" was with me, my whole family made minor adjustments to accommodate this little angel. Feeding a baby bird requires unlimited patience and dedication as they eat every 45 minute from dawn to dusk. Then, its crucial that the bird learns to fly, take dust baths, and eat seed rather than formula fed by hand. All of this I actually found to be a labor of love and our children helped whenever they could. I have included exerts from my previous blog entries documenting those ten days, but I really wanted to convey the feeling I experienced in "rehabilitating" this little creature. She was so small when I found her, dirty, helpless and frightened in the dust of the barn floor. The miracle that she survived the first night was moving in itself! The dramatic changes that evolved in just a few days and the way that she actually looked me in the eye with trust and understanding will leave a lasting memory. I hope I can always remember the sensation of those tiny feet wrapped around my finger with just the most delicate of pressure as she learned to balance herself and then to fly. Maybe someday Daisy will come back to visit me, but if not, the memory of sharing ten days with her will always be sweet.

Blog entries:

August 30th, 2007

I found a baby House Sparrow at the barn where my horse Little Bit lives. The barn was in the process of being re-roofed and her nest was knocked down. With much loud equipment and many tromping feet of the roofers barely missing this wee little thing as she lay in the dust on the barn floor, I had to help her. I know the proper thing to do with a baby bird is to return it to it's nest or at least leave it where it was found so that mom can care of it on the ground, but this just was not an option, so she came home with me! After quite a bit of research online I learned what I needed to do to care for her and I learned that House Sparrows are one of the three wild birds in this country that,( being an introduced breed) are legal to raise in your home. And so begins this delightful journey raising baby Sparrow.

September 1, 2007

Baby Sparrow has grown so much just over night! She really enjoys hanging out with me on my finger while I sit at the computer. Soon I will have to help her practice flying.

September 3, 2007

Little Sparrow is beginning to act like she could start eating seeds, (I don't have any on hand and its a holiday here so it will have to wait until tomorrow) she has been pecking at the floor of her enclosure. She flew a few feet today, from my hand back to her cute! I am looking forward to getting her cage so I can place her outside to hear the other birds and smell the fresh air! I will certainly give her natural branches to perch on. I hope she wont be so tame that she cant become a member of the outdoor bird family. I will just take it slowly and watch her carefully

Sept 4th, 2007

This morning little bird flew halfway across the room, took a dust bath in dry oatmeal and ate some bird seed!

Sept 7th, 2007

"Daisy" as my daughter has named her, has had a taste of freedom and now REFUSES to go back into her cage. (cant blame her really considering she is a wild little bird) This is so cute, she found a comfy spot on my curtains and fluffed into a sleepy ball.

Sept 9th, 2007

Daisy flew out into the wild blue. Its very bittersweet! Once she discovered how to fly, there was just NO way of keeping her in a cage. Then this morning she discovered the other birds outside the window and was beating herself against the window I opened it. Off she shot! I am not sure she was completely ready, but she certainly thought so. For a while I could hear her in the big trees across my yard, then she was gone. The window is open, if she needs to come back for soft food. I am just a little sad.

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@toddweisscfa said...

Very cool Mel. You are too kind :-) I always love your paintings.

Fit2B Mama said...

His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me ... I sing because I'm happy. I sing because I'm free!

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