Small Original Art, A Boy and His Chicken

Introducing Thomas, who is the main character of my newest children's book; Thomas and Autumn (written by Jan Laiz illustrated by myself, Melody Lea Lamb)

Thomas and Autumn is the sweet story of a little boy named Thomas who has a very special relationship with a very special chicken, Autumn. It is a book for tiny children and for chicken lovers of any age. Thomas raises and shows chickens. He sells eggs. Thomas works hard in the barn. It takes him a while, but finally his egg sales earn him enough money to buy his very own chicken, a Banty hen that he names Autumn.

Here's the first illustration!

The miniature painting in progress:

This is an example of how Thomas will look framed:

Prints are available here

The support (surface) I've used for this little painting is called Art Board and is a 5" by 5" by 1.5". The media is Watercolor, India ink, Colored Pencil, and some Acrylic.

Art Board has Arches Cold Press 156 lb watercolor paper mounted to Natural Fiber Panels. The panel is about 1/2 thick with little holes on the back so it is ready to hang. The Arches Watercolor Paper is mouldmade in France with 100% cotton fiber content, pH neutral and gelatin sized.

Any watermark of my name you see here does NOT appear on your original. The frame is not included by shown as an example of how your little painting will look all dressed up.


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