The Win-Win of Art & Business

Written by Karen Lideen, guest writer (and new Beaded Art Business partner)!

When Big Businesses form partnerships a chain of events occur. Here’s one example: Big Biz 1 respects Big Biz 2, likes what they’re offering and recognizes the potential for a profitable partnership. Big Biz 2 wants to make money but can’t afford to give anything away. Big Biz 1 really needs Big Biz 2, but wants to make sure they end up with more. So we have a vicious cycle, a waste of time, a couple face saving moves and headaches all around. At the end of the day whoever has the most wins.

Take a deep breath and slowly let it out. We’re not Big Biz. We’re artists and poets, crafters and dreamers. We’re the creative animals on the planet, but we’re not giving the store away, either. We want our creation recognized for the heart and soul we’ve put into it. We want to be respected by our peers. We want to be known for our individuality. And, yes, at the end of the day we want to be paid.

But can we share?

Creating and maintaining a healthy (profitable) partnership is our opportunity to listen, ask questions, compromise and be flexible. It’s our chance to take a genuine interest in the success of another person because their success is ours as well. Most of us were taught to share as children. Perhaps we didn’t always want to let another kid play with our favorite toy, but we learned by sharing we’d be happier if only because our parents didn’t punish us for being selfish. As grown-ups there’s something to be said for that feel-good feeling when you see someone else grow and succeed because of your input; it’s called integrity.

There’s the seed.

Until we are in sync our partnership will struggle. "Great minds think alike" – "It takes one to know one" – "Two peas in a pod". We’ve all heard these phrases and use them often, but their definitions are the key –the seed – to a win-win partnership. We must have like values and a desire to achieve the same goals before we want to learn more from and about each other.
Melody Lea Lamb and Karen Lideen (The Beaded Pillow) have met only on the Net. Through emails they’ve developed a rapport that has led to a new venture – "Beaded Art." Melody’s artistic talents from canvas to fabric; Karen’s approach to "painting" with beads. Something quite unique is being created all over again. Of course, there’ll be glitches and wrinkles as they move forward, but the seed is planted. They’re not Big Biz, they’re Win Win.


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June Stoyer said...

I think it is great when you can meet someone who can complement your work and take it to the next level!

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