Little Bunny Baby Quilt

I have always wanted to design for fabric. Nearly twenty years ago ( when I was expecting my first child), I bought a bolt of fabric and began a season of sewing for my children that lasted for over a decade. For the last seven years I have focused on painting miniature art and illustrating books but continued to entertain the notion of designing for fabric. Then I discovered Spoonflower, an internet company that makes it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric designs.

Shortly after I crafted several miniature art fabric squares, I met Charlotte Wiggins of Bluebird Gardens Quilts and Gifts and we began an exciting collaboration to produce one of a kind baby quilts using my miniature animal art printed on quilting squares. At last, the very first Melody Lea Lamb Bunny Seasons Baby Quilt has been lovingly handcrafted and is available to purchase!

This is how Charlotte describes her inspiration behind the baby quilt:

Inspired by the four Midwest gardening seasons, I picked out four of my favorite Melody Lea Lamb rabbit portraits, one for each of the four seasons, for our Melody Lea Lamb Bunny Seasons Baby Quilts.

A rabbit framed in green represents the freshness of spring.
A rabbit scratching an ear under a solid blue sky is a nod to summer.

Fall leaves keep a rabbit company in fall...
and holy berries are in the bunny quilt block for winter.

The Bunny Seasons Baby Quilt  is beautifully printed on Bluebird Gardens washable Color Plus Fabric blocks. Below is another shot of this absolutely adorable baby quilt:
This one of a kind quilt is available from Bluebird Gardens Quilts and starts at $99.00



June Stoyer @OrganicGuru said...

It is amazing how gorgeous these quilts are. Quilting is such a long lost art. I am glad to see you using your designs that will be treasured by each person that gets to snuggle up in one!

June Stoyer @OrganicGuru said...

I remember a quilt I had many years ago. It brings back memories every time I see it. When you incorporate images of nature, it really makes everything so peaceful. Your designs are really adorable!

Jennifer Rose said...

looks like a lovely quilt :D

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