New Miniature Painting: Nikky, the Maltese Dog

This is my newly finished miniature (ACEO) of Nikky, a Maltese. Nikky "went over the rainbow bridge" in 2006 at the ripe old age of 14. His person is my friend Karen Lideen and I've included some of the memorial Karen wrote for her sweet dog.

Nikky was the best little dog a family could hope for. He loved to bark at the doorbell, eat popcorn and sit by grandpa when grand-pa had popcorn. He loved to fetch a toy and not bring it back. He loved to go on walks and sniff every tree, rock and leaf. He loved to lie in his bed and in his kennel and on Dan’s bed and on Sarah’s bed. He liked TV commercials and certain shows on the Animal Planet channel. He loved “treats!” There are a few things – well lots of things – that Nikky did not like. Remote control cars. Sewer grates. Docks and boats. Coffee cups. Wine glasses. Other animals. Babies. He was very jealous! Nikky didn’t like going to the vet or the groomer. Baths were torture. He didn’t like not having his collar on. Things we will miss about Nikky include the clickety-clack of his nails on the kitchen floor. The jingle of his tags. The warm spot at the end of the sofa. Little paw prints part-way up the patio doors. The way he nodded his head with each scoop of dog food put into his dish; as if he were counting. We’ll miss him curled up in the corner of the computer room. His snoring and his unconditional love for his family. Good-bye, buddy. We’ll remember you with love forever.

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10% of the proceeds from this miniature will help animal charity!
This is a tiny work of art in the format of an ACEO 3.5" x 2.5" It is painted using India ink, Colored Pencil and some Acrylic

I've included an example below of "Nikky" framed up nicely...isn't he charming?

...and a few shots of Nikky as a WIP (work in progress):

I also redesigned Nikky in a square format, added a sweet border and a few extra stars so that he can be printed on ceramic tiles, jewelry boxes, and tote bags. I'm offering this square format as a 5x5" Giclee print.



DEB said...

Another masterpiece Melody!

Claudia said...

How beautiful!

Sharon said...

I adopted an precious Maltese named Maisy in June of last year. She had been a breeder female in a horrible puppy mill in Lancaster County, PA The rescue group from whom I adopted Maisy said the puppy mill people were going to euthanize her because she could no longer "produce" puppies for them! How wondrous that Maisy came into my home--and my heart! I love her precious sweetness and unconditional love. After 2 months of nervousness--because she had never been around humans--Maisy now loves to lie beside us on the living room sofa and go for long walks in Maisy Park--a local nature preserve where she first learned to walk on a leash! Can't bear to think of life without our Maisy girl in it!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thank you Deb and Claudia!
Sharon, that is SUCH a sweet story and bless you fro bringing Maisy into your life.

The Beaded Pillow said...

It makes me so happy to see Nikky memorialized in such an exquisite little painting. Thank you, Melody, for capturing his spirit in your special way.


Melody Lea Lamb said...

Karen, painting Nikky was SUCH a joy! I feel like I really got to know his little happy spirit.

Fit2B Mama said...

My husbands cat of 14 years died last night. She was a feisty old dame who guarded his truck shop and brought many laughs and warmth on cold days. RIP Marbles & Nikky!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Awe, RIP Marbles, you did good little kitty! Thanks Bethany

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much Dale, I appreciate your thoughts. The link you left leads to a private site which requires a password...but thanks again!

Dale Begley said...
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Melody Lea Lamb said...

Here you are Dale!
This is a very nice blog post by the talented artist, Dale Begley:

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