Uncovering Treasures OnTwitter And Facebook

For me, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have begun to evolve into treasure troves of opportunity. For example, last week I created a tiny custom pendant for a Twitter friend to commemorate his wife's precious pony, "Pixie". My Twitter pal and I met on the social media site, discovered mutual interests and soon created a friendship/working relationship. A few days later he commissioned this custom art pendant as a surprise gift for his wife:

This week I am working on a small ACEO (miniature painting only 3.5" by 2.5") of a Facebook friend's little beagle dog, "Fallon". The connections on these sites, the interplay of communication, and the broadening of my global horizons by meeting interesting people, have molded my experience of social media into a wealth of value.

I've posted the work in progress of the ACEO miniature painting, "Fallon the Beagle" here for you to enjoy. It's nearly done and will make a nice little work of art for my Facebook friend.

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Dean H. said...

Facebook connections sound like a great tool, Melody.
At present, I'm not a member, and I don't suspicious nature, I suspect.

Love the ACEO of Fallon!

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