Latest Miniature Art Pendants

As a way of sharing my miniature animal and fantasy art with you, I've been creating these (one of a kind) glass pendant necklaces. The little pendants are unique works of art- charming, wearable and VERY gift-able! I have been creating these gems for a few weeks, and I'm still completely enjoying the process! The small pendants (necklaces) feature my miniature art. Each is handcrafted using a tiny archival print, which is then secured to a silver plated tray. A glass dome cover is then adhered over the image and the whole thing is strung on either a silver plated ball chain, an organza ribbon, or a hand beaded necklace. Some of the little keepsakes are backed by coordinating archival paper, with my signature, then carefully encased in a resin like glaze.

Featured here are three of my newest miniature animal art necklaces.

Western Tanager Bird, available on Etsy.

Lavender Fairy, available on Etsy.

Little Mermaid with Fish Friend, available on Etsy.



The Beaded Pillow said...

I love your new pendants and wear my bunny often! (Yay! I can leave comments again.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melody love your website page & your artwork is just beautiful.

Elisha Dasenbrock said...

This is such a great idea! I love seeing what other people do to share their artwork. These are really lovely.

Lydia said...

That's so sweet, I'm in awe!

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