Grief - Courage- Art and Inspiration

"Sad Angel"
A miniature painting created while I was caring for my elderly mom, who passed away last year.

"Grief can be the rich under painting that strengthens our life's work of art." - Melody Lea Lamb

By my Beaded Art partner and dear friend Karen Lideen:
We’re pleased to introduce two of our new friends. Casey and Kelly are a mother and daughter who not only share a love for art and a superb talent for creating art but the courage to live rich lives despite grief.

Casey suffered a massive brain-stem stroke which rendered her right and dominant hand useless. Kelly lives with acute leukemia. Despite their challenges they approach life with grace and beauty; literally. Sumi-e, ink painting, exemplifies the concept of "Less is More."
"Time Electric" by Casey Shannon

Throughout her stroke recovery Casey learned to do more with less. She worked hard, eventually learning to talk again and walk with the assistance of her service dog. Her lovely spirit and fierce determination shine through in her art.
"Noble Snow Spirit Like Bamboo" by Casey Shannon

In her own words, Kelly "is a painter!" She is not defined by the deadly disease that might escort us to our own pity party. Her water color paintings practically breathe – Giraffe with a slight sense of humor, Cougar with an intense gaze and Leafy Sea Dragon in delightful play.

"Orchid" by Kelly Kuhlman-Chester

We never know what the day might bring for us - great joy, sorrow, success, disappointment. What we can do is decide how to approach what we are given. Casey and Kelly chose the high road and give back each day through the beauty of their art. We are blessed to be aware of these two women. They shake us up. They push us to be better. They encourage us to improve.

"Tree Frog" by Kelly Kuhlman-Chester

"Sea Turtle" by Kelly Kuhlman-Chester

Take a moment to visit Casey’s website and Kelly’s Etsy shop where you can learn more about these women and purchase their beautiful art. When you buy from Kelly you help support her and her family through her fight of acute leukemia. All proceeds go to raising Kelly’s sweet baby daughter, Aven.

This post is written by my Beaded Art business partner and dear friend Karen Lideen


Jo Lynch said...

Amazing beauty in the midst of so much strife. Thank you and Karen for sharing the story of these two wonderful artists... We take our lives for granted all too often... Jo

Casey Shannon Studio said...

Thank you Melody and Karen for this lovely blog post about my daughter Kelly and myself. Your words are beautiful.

Life is a journey and we deal with the cards that are given to us. We can laugh and enjoy life no matter what our path or we can make 'sour grapes'. Kelly and I have chosen to laugh.

We are on a mission to tell everyone on the planet through the essence of our art, that no matter what life throws your way you can survive and laugh.....Casey

Totally Timmy said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing these talented artists with us.

Inspired by Ian said...

I am in tears right now! Tears of hope!

Thank you, ALL - Karen, Casey, and Kelly - for telling and sharing these inspiring stories! Much love and a big (((Group Hug)))

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments, Inspired, Timmy, and Jo!

Casey Shannon Studio said...

Thank you all for continuing to read and be inspired by our story. Much love, peace, and health to you.

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