Newest Art Pendant Necklaces

Featured today are three of my latest art pendants. I've been creating these small art pendant (necklaces) which feature my miniature art, for the last few months. I was inspired to create these little keepsake gems after I had seen some made by other artists on Etsy. I thought... how fun would it be to try making some of my own using my miniature paintings? I was also thinking it would be yet another way of sharing my art in a unique form that is charming, wearable and gift-able! My handmade necklaces are silver plated "frames" which hold round, oval, or rectangle glass domes secured over an archival print with a special crystal clear glaze. Some are glass domes backed by archival print paper which have been signed by myself and then preserved in a glaze. All the necklaces are then suspended from either silver-plated ball chains or handmade satin ribbon cords.

So, here are three of the twenty plus glass pendants I now have featured in my Etsy shop.

Summer Hummingbird Glass Pendant:

Hummingbirds, to me, are like real life brightly colored fairies! They just amaze me with their magical qualities. Here is an interesting Hummingbird fact: Hummingbirds do not spend all day flying, as the energy cost would be prohibitive; the majority of their activity consists simply of sitting or perching. My miniature painting of a Hummingbird captures one little bird perched in the rain. His feathers are slightly puffed out to dry. Little Hummingbird looks especially magical in this petite art keepsake.

Purchase Summer Hummingbird Pendant here.

Young Wood Thrush Art Pendant:

One of the most common woodland birds in the East, the Wood Thrush is best known for its beautiful song. The Thrush favors deep forests and is seldom seen outside the woods. My little painting of a young Wood Thrush looks particularly charming in this petite art keepsake, which you can purchase here.

Bluejay Art Pendant:

Necklace side view and backside:

My winter Blue Jay is warming himself in the welcomed winter sunshine! He looks especially magical in this petite art keepsake. Purchase Bluejay here.

Enjoy my new art form!


bodyearthself said...

Hi Melody,
Wow! I love your beautiful art work and these hummingbirds make me smile and warm my heart. I agree with you about their Magick and wonder. I'm fascinated with them and I love them, I have since I was a young girl. They're like Faeries and they mystify me. :o) You truly inspire me with your beautiful wonderful artistic creations and your lovely loving caring positive energy and Spirit! It's great to know you! xox *warm hugs*

bodyearthself said...
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Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so very much for your kind words!

Melody Lea Lamb said... I recognize you, sweetness! I know you as @notperfume on Twitter. Warm hugs back to you!!

Totally Timmy said...

Love..Love..Love the hummingbird..what great gifts!

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