Miniature Frog Art (ACEO) Work In Progress

I've begun work on a new miniature painting (ACEO, a tiny work of art only 3.5" by 2.5") this week and am going to share the WIP (work in progress) with you.

The surface I use for my miniature art is 10 ply Cotton Illustration Board. The board is 1/8” thick (about 10x thicker than a sheet of printer paper) and has a slight “tooth” (a bit of roughness that allows pigment to adhere).

The Ink drawing

Once I have the composition for my miniature painting all worked out, I gently draw out my idea on the Illustration Board in pencil. I then carefully ink in the painting. For years I used very expensive and temperamental Rapidiograph technical pens, but have since discovered Sakura Micron Pigma pens. These great little disposable technical pens have many different size nibs (points) and use archival ink which means the pigment will last for generations.

I consider my ink drawing the “bones” of a painting. The ink is permanent and will show through all my consequent layers of colored pencil, so it needs to be exact!

Background washes

The next step in my painting process is laying in washes of color. Here I've used diluted India ink.

The layers of pencil

The bulk of the little painting is going to be layer after layer of translucent colored pencil. The pencil I use is called Prismacolor and has a waxy-buttery quality. I add colored pencil layers, slowly and gently, leaving some of the paper peeking through which gives the painting a nice grainy look. Often I layer until the pencil becomes more like paint that I can push around and blend.

Enjoy and keep checking back to this post for more steps to "Happy Tree Frog"

Update, Saturday Sept 10th:

Today I think I am finished with the leaf my little frog is sitting on. Happy Saturday, everyone!

Getting closer...


Lisa N Valero said...

Melody, this little frog is looking wonderful!!!
Thank you for sharing the WIP! Such fun to see it emerging :-) Your work is just magnificent!
I didn't realize you use Prismacolor! I grew up with these wonderful colored pencils as my standard school supplies in Venezuela - LOVED a new box every year, and if I was lucky I got the big box with a 'gazillion' colors :-) (never did get the biggest one, but other kids did have them!)
I look forward to watching this beauty evolve! Thank you so much for sharing ♥♥♥

Chris said...

Your little frog is progressing along. Amazing detail and beautiful colours. A first time visitor. TFS

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