My Top Twitter Tips

There are a gabillion "Twitter Experts" out there these days (I am certainly not one), but I want to share seven of my personal Twitter tips as an artist, for making the most of the social network platform:
  • Tip 1: Tweet about what's important to you, what you're passionate about!
  • Tip 2: Interact, listen, respond, and care about what people are saying. That will bring you quality followers. Re-Tweet (RT) others valuable tweets!
  • Tip 3: Be sure to have a clear Bio & Avatar (the little picture of yourself), otherwise how will followers know you and why would they follow?
  • Tip 4: You can recommend people ANY day not JUST #FollowFriday (Follow Friday is a tradition where people tweet people they believe are fun/interesting to follow on Fridays) How about #FollowNow, (a daily recommendation of fellow Tweeters)?
  • Tip 5: Find a service like TweetDeck (my favorite) to help you organize the Twitter stream into columns of friends, new followers, mentions, etc.
  • Tip 6: Make sure you leave enough characters and the end of your Tweet so that people can re-tweet you. A Re-Tweet (RT) is a great compliment!
  • Tip 7: Automated welcome Direct Messages (in my opinion) to your new followers is more a negative than positive touch.

So, there are my Twitter two cents!

Ive been on Twitter for a few years and the number of rewards I gain from Twitter on a daily basis always inspires me. I've found Twitter to be a powerful business tool, a source of great support, and my favorite place to greet the morning as well as my way of relaxing at the end of the day. When my mom was in her final days last year, I reached out to my Twitter friends with a aching heart, and received hundreds of sincere, supportive messages from my online friends. My Twitter family helped ease me through a painful time, especially since the day mom died I was 3,000 miles away from her, my brother and sisters.

I've met some people I consider true friends and with whom I chat daily. A few months ago I shared with you a little painting titled "Tufted Titmouse" (above in his new role as a greeting card). This little watercolor was based on a reference photograph by my Twitter friend MikeyBoy50. The painting I created from MikeyBoy50's photograph is one of my favorite pieces of last year! The following month, my friend FredCuellar purchased the original directly from my interaction with him on Twitter. Later my friend JoyIsLife contacted me on Twitter and requested a custom card fashioned from "Tufted Titmouse" that's some outstanding business results from my daily "tweeting"!

The Tufted Titmouse greeting card above can be purchased on Zazzle by clicking the image, or here, as a Giclee Print in my Gift Shop

Happy Tweeting!

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