Twitter's Follow Friday Phenomenon

I see Twitter (especially "Follow Friday" or #FollowFriday or #FF) as an opportunity to create waves, or expanding ripples of positive energy. I joined Twitter about two years ago and have slowly begun to learn how to see it as a wonderful supportive community. As you select individuals to follow and begin to actually interact with people on Twitter, you find that it can be a pretty amazing "Twittersphere" or community of great contacts. I believe a good recipe for your "Tweets" on Twitter is:

* 90% Sincere interaction with people, "Re-Tweeting" (meaning to repeat some one elses great information) RT-ing others art, sales, pictures, great news, etc. Sharing intriguing links and information is also most welcome on Twitter.

* 10% Self Promotion

On Fridays there is a Twitter phenomenon called FollowFriday (or "followfriday, or #ff which is the "hash tag" code on Twitter) it's a chance to recommend your favorite people for others to follow. For me, FollowFriday has become a labor of love. It brings me joy to recommend another person, add a few brief highlights about them, and "pay it forward" by bringing them more followers on Twitter.

So come Tweet with us on Twitter's #followfriday!

Me, on Twitter



Claudia said...

then I must be doing this wrong! when I tweet mine is 90% self promotion and 10% interaction with people! I shall make changes, thanks for the tips Melody!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Claudia, absolutely, make that change! Most people on Twitter want to interact (at least the people whom you would like as a customer) Too much self promotion is a big turn off on Twitter (in my opinion)
Tweet you later! :)

The Beaded Pillow said...

I think I may fall into Claudia's category....will work on changing things up a bit. Thanks again for good advice, Melody (you're alwaysw on my #FF list. :D )

Lori's Glassworks said...

Melody, cheers for your comments about tweeting! I have stopped reading the tweets from friends that constantly self-promote with little other interaction. I totally agree with your percentages. Thanks for sharing!

Brett Winn Art said...

Melody, you have become someone I not only follow, but have listed on my top-31-fav-artists. Why? Because you do pay it forward and your content is always meaningful, applicable and caring. Thank you for your great advise. It is highly appreciated!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

My most sincere pleasure, Bret!! Thanks for following and for your kind remarks. I appreciate you. :)

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