Arty Christmas Ornaments

I create miniature paintings of woodland animals, birds, cats, fantasy beings and other critters in a format known as ACEO. Several years ago I discovered a company that does "print on demand". Print on demand means a company will print my miniature art on as few as one of their products (such as porcelain Christmas ornaments).

Cafe Press is one of my print on demand choices for art gifts. I've been working with Cafe Press for years now and also have a CP virtual shop filled with my art on gift items. Zazzle is also a great site for print on demand art gifts. One of my favorite (and my customer's favorite!) items from Cafe Press is their porcelain Christmas ornaments.
These small oval or round decorative ornaments are beautifully printed. My art appears crisp and clear, plus the holiday decorations are of the highest quality. I have a very large and diverse collection of porcelain Christmas ornaments, some of which I've showcased here. I also created a special blog specifically to feature my little Christmas ornaments.
Each time I finish a small painting- ACEO (like the little Chipmunk above) I have it printed on one of these porcelain gems. As the holiday season begins to swing into full gear, I often take requests on Twitter for design ideas and then highlight them on my Ornaments Blog along with a link back to the person who gave the suggestion! Here is an example of the Twitter ornament suggestion.

I have over two hundred Christmas ornaments in my online gift shop. Here are a few more examples of the great little holiday decorations:


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