The Race Was a Success!

My Fourth Run For The Critters was a great success! I  raised $1350 for the critters and I finished the 10K feeling strong.

The race was especially difficult because of the day's warm temperatures and mega-hills but I gave it all I had!!

The story behind the race:

The inspiration for my first Run For The Critters was born from a sense of gratitude. When my mother passed away in February, 2010 after a long slow "dwindling away", I worked out my feelings of grief and loss by running on our country roads. 

As I was out running one morning, a month or so after mom passed away, I was suddenly bowled over by a strong sense of gratitude!

I was grateful that I could still run at age 51, that I could run in such beautiful countryside, I felt grateful for many things. I wanted to give back somehow. Then an idea hit me: I'd run for the critters! I could set a goal of running a six-mile race while raising money for animal charity. That is exactly what I did.
My children cheer me on and congratulate me after the race.

In September 2010 I raced in the George Coope Memorial Road Run in Adams Mass. I won 2nd place in my class, but felt I won even before I began the race with $1500 raised for animal charity!

I was so inspired and empowered by the success of my first Run For The Critters that I did it again.

In 2011, I ran two more races and raised $1641. Sunday May 27th I ran a 10K in Lenox, Mass. and raised $1350 for the animals!

Thank you for Helping me help them!

Where The Money Goes:

I am again be supporting these two outstanding charities: Old Dog Haven and FieldHaven Feline Rescue for the Fourth Run For The Critters! I'll let about a week pass, (allowing for more donations) then divide the money raised between these charities.


Debra Keirce said...

Congrats at your successes Melody! At 50, I jog, but the drs. Have been warning me to stop. It is quite an achievement!!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much, Debra! Why do your Dr.s want you to stop jogging? I appreciate you stopping by.

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