Sneak Peek at New Book Art

We are getting close to finishing our children's book "Thomas and Autumn" (yeah!) so I've decided to offer you a sneak peek of the illustrations.

Thomas and Autumn is the sweet story of a little boy named Thomas who has a very special relationship with a very special chicken, Autumn. Thomas raises and shows chickens. He sells eggs. Thomas works hard in the barn. It takes him a while, but finally his egg sales earn him enough money to buy his very own chicken, a Bantam hen that he names Autumn.

 Below are a few of the images I painted for the book. Be watching for Thomas and Autumn written by Jana Laiz to be available this Christmas!

There will be more sneak peeks here in the upcoming weeks.

Melody Lea Lamb's Miniature Animal Art

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Jennifer said...

I hope you know that I have a serious but possibly frivolous want for a chicken or two or three that could cluck around my yard and give me yummy eggs...and eat bugs and things for me... And now I *realllly* want one - hee hee :)

My brother has actually had a few for a while, and tells me how they each have their own personality, etc... So cute! X)

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