Step by Step Art Pendant

This little mouse was my most recent miniature painting (ACEO 2.5" by 3.5").  I thought you might enjoy seeing how I create these little wearable works of art.

Step one in crafting my original art pendant is to make an archival print of little mouse, trim it to 1" by 2" and then adhere a glass dome over the image: 

Now I let that dry overnight and begin sanding. 

The second step in creating one of my art pendants is to trim off any excess glaze that has formed around the glass dome and sand the edges clean.

After I have completely sanded all the excess dried glaze, I cut a decorative paper backing.

 I adhere the paper backing with more glaze and allow that to dry.

I then sign the necklace and allow another day of drying.

I carefully added a layer of glaze over the necklace's back and again allow a day of dry time.

Nearly done! 

The last few steps are to add a silver bail using a very strong adhesive which again, must be allowed to dry overnight. Then, finally, I string the pendant on an organza ribbon necklace and add Little Mouse and Crocus Pendant to my shops. For a limited time you can purchase Little Mouse right here from my blog.



I hope you have enjoyed this step by step tutorial for my unique art pendants.

You can find my whole collection of wearable art here or here.

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Dorri Olds said...

That's so fun - learning about the process step by step. Wonderful post!

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